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How To Own The Universe The Mystical Way…?

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Feb 1st 2010.. Spiritual Culture..

Today i want to talk about spiritual culture and why it is so important that you get a handle of this..

There is a Buddhist saying “First enlightenment and then laundry”

What that means is enlightenment can happen any moment because you are so close to it… but the journey after enlightenment is equal to the laundry work.. because now you know the rules of the game and you have to live upto it.

The three most important rules of the game are:

1. Everyone has to play the game. There are no exceptions.

2. If you play the game you will get lost in the game

3. The one who plays the game and who does not get identified with the game wins the game.

So how do you play the game?

Rule 3 says “The one who plays the game and who does not get identified with the game wins the game”

However Rule 2 says “ If you play the game you will get lost in the game.”

So how do you play the game and not get lost in it..?

And Rule 1 says “ Everyone has to play the game .. There is no exception.. You cannot call it quits…

So what did Buddha, Krishna, Christ and every other wise being did after being enlightened?

They had to do the laundry work… They had to play the game because they had no choice and they had to play in such a way that they did not get identified with the game..

Sounds like a 9.00 to 5.00 dull boring job right…. Hold on it isn’t so….

The element that sustains the period after enlightenment is called spiritual culture…

Krishna bought spiritual culture to the world

Buddha bought spiritual culture to the world

Christ bought spiritual culture to the world and so did all wise beings and today you have a chance of doing the same..

What is spiritual culture?

The world rewards consistency right…

Results are based on consistency.

We need consistency in character we need consistency in thoughts…

Spiritual culture is the structure that fills this void of inconsistency between our thoughts and actions…

The world is filled with many beings who are enlightened but who lack consistency in enlightenment..

It is important that i help you understand the word enlightenment here

Enlightenment is a shift in consciousness.. and while most think that if they are enlightened the game is over… I am here to tell you that it isn’t infact the game would just have begun…

Don’t be fooled into thinking that one day a light is going to enter into your being and from that point you don’t need to do anything ..the light will do everything for you…

Once the light enters into you which it will … it is time then for the laundry work to begin..

The laundry work is nothing but doing the simple tasks of daily life with this marvellous intelligence which has seized control over you…

Truth be told the period after enlightenment is more tougher than the one preceding it… and every great being right from Krishna to Buddha to Christ are testimony to this…

The world rewards consistency.. Period .. Simply get that damn thing…called consistency under your belt..

We should never forget the ideal and we should never be foolish to mistake our current personality with the ideal..

You are here for a fantastic mission.. a glorious adventure.. and to help you along the way you need two things

Soul Knowledge and spiritual culture…

Build a foundation around your knowledge… such that you become that knowledge…

Start the day on a high note. Meet your soul …your consciousness have a straight talk with it not through words not through thoughts .. Through sound…

Sound is the medium which transcends the barrier of body and mind…

Feel the energy nourishing your cells feel the breathing move in and out..

Do not be slack in spending the first 30 minutes of your day with your consciousness..

Keep a private journal.. Write boldly and write with authority. Dump your feelings and emotions and write heart to heart consciousness to consciousness.. Do not share your journal with others as many might not relate to your soul journey..

Read a great book ideally a scripture or read books written by Vivekananda, Ramakrishna, Yogananda, Ramana Maharishi ..

During the day be calm and bold but do not hesitate to step back into the kingdom of peace which you have created for yourself… Step back every time when you feel you are thinking too much ….when anger seizes you when emotions throw you out of gear…

Spiritual culture is a great thing… It builds every moment.. It is an institution that is yours you can enter into any time and feel the power of a million souls rising up. In future it will help million other souls too..

You never know ..

Enlightenment can never escape you.. It will have to come face to face with you one day but spiritual culture is what you build around the concept of enlightenment.. It is fantastic because it is full of marvellous ideas and superior energy. Add integrity and spiritual responsibility to it and you will be a force to reckon with in this world..

Make a list of daily activities or ideas which fuel your spiritual culture and go all out and embrace it.. You will love it.. Be bold do not hesitate to try new things and whenever in doubt stick to fundamentals..

I look forward to hearing from you…



P.S. Said the great Swami Vivekananda “ It is culture that withstands shocks, not a simple mass of knowledge. You can put a mass of knowledge into the world, but that will not do it much good. There must come culture into the blood. We all know in modern times of nations which have masses of knowledge, but what of them? They are like tigers, they are like savages, because culture is not there. Knowledge is only skin-deep, as civilisation is, and a little scratch brings out the old savage. Such things happen; this is the danger. Teach the masses, give them ideas; they will get information, but something more is necessary; give them spiritual culture. Until you give them that, there can be no permanence in the raised condition of the masses..”

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by Sri Vishwanath on May 6, 2011

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35 24 11 2 only 2 hours remaining

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